ACE 2021 Organising Committee

Ishita Chatterjee

Ishita Chatterjee is Co-Convenor of the ACE 2021 Organising Committee. She is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Western Australia. Her research interest is applied microeconomics with current focus on labour economics, health economics, institutional economics, demographic and development economics. She is an Honorary Fellow at the Australia–India Institute at UWA.

Astghik Mavisakalyan

Astghik Mavisakalyan is an Associate Professor at the Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre at Curtin University and oversees the Centre’s Focus on the States report series. She works in many areas, including cultural economics, political economy, development economics, labour economics, and gender and migration.

Silvia Salazar

Silvia Salazar is a researcher at Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre at Curtin University. She is an applied micro-economist specialised in development economics and time use. Her research focuses mainly on gender and indigenous inequalities in the labour market.

Yixiao Zhou

Yixiao Zhou is Deputy Chair (Wealth) and a member of the Organising Committee of ACE 2020. She is a currently Senior Lecturer at Crawford School of Public Policy, the ANU, and previously a Senior Lecturer at Curtin University. Yixiao teaches macroeconomics, and undertakes research into various topics in economic growth, including economics of innovation, international macroeconomics, and income inequality.

Mandy Hudson

School Curriculum and Standards Authority

Peter Shardlow


John Roberts

John Roberts is the current President of the Economic Society of Australia’s WA Branch and Co-Convenor of the ACE 2021 Organising Committee. He is Director of economics consultancy at Strickland Park Economics. His sectors of interest include agriculture, water, tourism with a particular focus on economic and regional development.

Michael McLure

Michael McLure is Professor of Economics at the University of Western Australia where he teaches the history of economic thought and public economics; and undertakes research into the history of neoclassical economics from the late nineteenth century to the early twentieth century.

Erin Stone

Erin Stone is a practising economist, and is currently the Director of an economic consulting firm providing policy, regulatory and strategic advice to both commercial and Government agencies across Australia.

Peter Kolf (Chair up to August 2019)

Peter Kolf is Chair of Western Australia’s electricity and gas Rule Change Panel, Director of KPK Specialist Advisory Services Pty Ltd and was President of the Economic Society of Australia, WA Branch, until 14 August 2019. Peter has extensive experience in the energy industry, the utility industry, telecommunications and in economic regulation. He retired as Chief Executive Officer of Western Australia’s Economic Regulation Authority in 2010. Peter holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.), University of Melbourne a Master of Economics, University of Adelaide, is a Certified Practicing Accountant and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Energy.

Anusha Mahendran

Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety

Abu Siddique

University of Western Australia

ACE 2021 Economics Committee

Ken Clements (University of WA), Chair
Yixiao Zhou (Australian National University/Curtin University), Deputy Chair (Wealth)
Silvia Salazar (Curtin University), Deputy Chair (Wellbeing)
Michael McLure (University of WA), Deputy Chair (Other economics)
Steven Bond-Smith (Curtin University)
Ishita Chatterjee (University of WA)
Shawn Chen (University of WA)
David Christmas (WA Treasury Department)
Michael Dockery (Curtin University)
Michael Jetter (University of WA)
Ingebjorg Kristoffersen (University of WA)
Bei Li (University of WA)


Jakob Madsen (University of WA)
Astghik Mavisakalyan (Curtin University)
Michael Palmer (University of WA)
Alison Preston (University of WA)
Anu Rammohan (University of WA)
John Roberts (Strickland Park Economics)
Abu Siddique (University of WA)
Sam Tang (University of WA)
Rod Tyers (University of WA)
Duc Vo (Economic Regulation Authority)
Juerg Weber (University of WA)
Yanrui Wu (University of WA)