Thank you to our conference sponsors for their contributions.

The Australian Conference of Economists 2021 (ACE 2021) is pleased to acknowledge the below sponsors:


Australian Bureau of Statistics | www.abs.gov.au

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) is Australia’s national statistical agency and the official source of independent, reliable information. The ABS records and tells the real story of Australia, its economy and its people, through statistics and data.

The ABS, led by the Australian Statistician Dr David Gruen, has been at the forefront of measuring the impact of COVID-19 on our economy and society and is committed to pushing the boundaries of what data can contribute to Australian communities, businesses and governments.

New products will ensure the ABS remains the benchmark for statistics, including a suite of monthly indicators tracking household spending, business turnover and employee earnings.

Department of Finance | www.finance.gov.au

The Department of Finance provides fiscal and economic advice to the Australian Government and assists it to shape and deliver its priorities and policies, formulate the annual Budget and implement its fiscal strategy — while ensuring public expenditure reflects best practice financial management. Work in Finance includes undertaking analysis and providing advice to the Government on the costs and benefits of expenditure policy proposals; impacts of economic developments on expenditure; and expenditure trends and fiscal sustainability. Finance’s responsibilities also include managing public assets, advancing public sector reform and advising on government investment funds.

Reserve Bank of Australia | www.rba.gov.au
University of Melbourne – Department of Economics | https://fbe.unimelb.edu.au/finance

Economics has been taught at The University of Melbourne since 1855. The Department of Economics is now a leader in Australia and internationally. The US News and World Report’s Best Global Universities rankings place the University of Melbourne 45th in the world in the disciplines of Economics and Business. The Department includes the Centre for Market Design, which supports research in economic theory, experimental economics, and structural econometrics. The Department is within the Faculty of Business and Economics, which includes the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research, a research institute undertaking projects for government and private sector clients.


Department of Education, Skills and Employment | www.dese.gov.au

The Department of Education, Skills and Employment contributes to Australia’s economic prosperity and social wellbeing by supporting and enabling better outcomes for the public through education, training, and employment pathways. The department provides advice to our Ministers and effectively implements government policies and programs. In doing so, we draw on the best available research, evidence and data. We also work collaboratively with industry, state and territory governments, and other stakeholders to achieve our goals.

Department of Social Services | www.dss.gov.au

The Department of Social Services is responsible for a diverse range of policies, payments, programs, and services that improve the wellbeing of people and families in Australia. We fund services and payments that assist families, children and older people, provide a safety net for those who cannot fully support themselves, enhance the wellbeing of people with high needs, assist those who need help with care, and support a diverse and harmonious society.

Western Australian Treasury Corporation | www.watc.wa.gov.au

Western Australian Treasury Corporation (WATC) is the State’s central financial services provider, working with its public sector clients to achieve sound financial outcomes. WATC’s principal activities involve funding and debt management, asset and investment management, financial advisory services, financial risk management and treasury management services and systems.

WATC’s Economic Services team is responsible for economic analysis and commentary on financial markets and the Australian and global economies; formulates economic forecasts, interest rate outlooks and reports; and provides WATC clients with informed financial market and economic information through regular briefings on the latest economic trends. WATC’s economic publications are available on the WATC website at https://www.watc.wa.gov.au/economic-services/.


Survey Design and Analysis Services | www.stata-au.com

Survey Design and Analysis Services is the authorised distributor of Stata, Stat/Transfer, QDA Miner, WordStat and Arbutus Software in Australia and New Zealand. We distribute software, books and training to businesses, government organisations, not-for-profit agencies, universities and personal users.

We provide the tools so you can find the answers.